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Neophyte alert

Hello to all.
New to this list as of 3 days ago, and am enjoying it greatly. 
But brother, do I feel like a total new-bie to the hobby, after reading
this stuff.  I have been floundering alone, trying to figure out how to
grow plants in my aquariums for the last year.  I live in a teeny tiny
town, hip-deep in good ole' boys, and my LFS is equiped with only 18
tanks.  NO resources here. 

So, after reading what you all have to say, I sort of developed a
direction to persue.  Now, my problem is that I just tested my tank's KH
'cause I wanted to try to use the table to figure my co2. (my plants are
just standing still.  Not looking bad, but not a whit bigger after
months.  And I fertalize.) GOT no KH! It comes out of the tap at a ph of
8, and a gh of 4 and a kh of 6. I change 20% every week.  And my 60
gallon tank drops to a ph of 6.5 and a kh of none and a gh of 3 within 3
or 4 days of that water change.   I am fine with the ph, but its not
stable without the hardness, right?  It just keeps dropping till the
next water change.  So far, everyone in there is fine.  What could be
causing this drop, and is a hardness level that low a problem?  I
dropped in a T. of SeaBuffer, on the advise of the LFS, and it brought
the ph to 7 and the kh to 3 and the gh to 5. 

I AM SO LOST HERE!  Too much information.  

Can someone help... like, tell me what I want here?  

Please?  Thank you!