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Justified "Yippie!"

Hi all, and James P. especially :)

In regards to James Purchase scolding me for my Java Fern "steal" the
other day, I not only asked the person on duty about the plants, but the
OWNER was right there and heard the whole thing- he was even watching
and commenting on how "neat" the Corkscrew Val was when it grows. If the
owner doesn't care or doesn't know what he has, I say take the tank
labeling as it is. They must have obtained the plants in a bulk shipment
with other popular plants, as they would have had to know what they were
ordering and pay much more than I paid to get Java Fern by name even at
wholesale prices. This is the same store that I "stole" 10 Paracheirodon
simulans (Green Neon) for $6.00, even after I alerted the owner and the
sales clerk to the rarity of their importation. They seemed oblivious to
increasing their knowledge of fish or plants, so I took the situation in
stride and felt absolutely no guilt. I hope you won't hate me forever
James ;)