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Re:Plants, evolution and back to the topic

>From: Kenneth Bruno <kbruno at bilbo_bio.purdue.edu>

> ........As far as plant evolution goes, some interesting things are being
>learned through genome sequencing.  For example, grasses such as maize and
>sorghum have the same genome organization.  The genes that code for
>compnents of photosystem 1 are in relatively the same place in the genome
>in each organism.  However, maize has a great deal more intergenic DNA.
>        I sometimes wonder if aquatic plants are more closely related to
>land plants than to all other aquatics.  Does anyone know of a
>group/university that is studying an aquatic plant on the molecular

Since Aquatic plants are in so many different orders and families, nearly
all of which have many terrestrial members, it seems that aquatic growth
has evolved independently in many different groups.  Molecular studies will
be needed to help resolve many uncertainties within groups, such as witin
the Crypts.  I don't know if there is current research being done.  I
recall that Jan Bastmeijer mentioned Sofiman Othman, who did his thesis on
DNA analysis in Cryptocoryne.  Jan said that he is now at Sains malaysia
(Penang, W. Malaysia.).

Paul Krombholz, central Mississippi, enjoying dry, clear, cool Canadian