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Evolution or Creationism

Edison C. Yap writes "I hope that this debate will end soon! 
But just to make things final I just want to place this question:  
If evolution is right then why hasn't any life form ever evolved
to live forever?"

Firstly, evolution just "is". *Life forms* do very well from the
point of view of genes, ranging from excellent (cockroaches) to 
unlucky (dinosaurs). Even genes can adapt only so far and only
so fast. Why does *one individual* not live forever? Because 
that individual is one phenotype and environmental conditions 
will most likely change and it won't be prepared. Body parts, 
from cells to limbs wear out and in most can't be replaced.
Nobody says that Evolution is a perfect mechanism; far from it.
But it's the one we've got and the one that lets me type this.
Read Richard Dawkins "River out of Eden" and "The Selfish Gene".

While we would like to compartmentalize Religion and Science,
as long as they overlap in domains (the origin and nature of 
life) we will continue to have conflict in the schools 
(the Kansas decision), the courts (doctors vs. Christian 
Science parents of minors), prisons (the rights of individuals 
with "individual" religions) and even the origin of the plants
in our aquaria.