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Re: Nitrate addition?


I am fond of potassium nitrate myself as potassium is rather very limited
in a planted tank.  I add about 1/8 tsp weekly (sometimes biweekly) of
potassium nitrates for a nitrate level of 5ppm in my 20g long tank.

>I have tested the water, and it shows no nitrate (Aqua Pharm test kit).
>I am debating adding nitrate to shift the system to phosphate limited,
>and wanted your input (I have sodium nitrate in granular form).  My fears
>are as folows:

>- -Will the initial high phosphate AND high nitrate state cause a bloom
>of algae?
From what I have seen phosphates are the main factor for algae growth.

>- -I use Seachem's Discus Buffer and Neutral Regulator to stabilize the
>pH (6.6-6.8).  These are phosphate based buffers, so will the pH be in
>danger of rapid swings as the plants and algae consume phosphates?  I
>have tried the combination of Seachem's non phosphate Acid Buffer and
>Alkaline Buffer, but have not found these to be as stable as the ones I
>am using now.
I do not know the contents of this buffer (perhaps greg would know? ;)
several buffers that I have seen do contain phosphates agents which do
lead to algae blooms ;)  One suggestion is to mix your own buffer agents
so you will know exactly what is in your tank and what is going on than
putting an unknown element(s) into the tank and scratching your head in
wonder of an out of control tank ;)  www.thekrib.com is a great place to
read about various different buffering agents and other tank info.