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Re: Tank Photography


>High speed slide film isn't as good as print film yet.  
Uhm I assume you've not used the new fuji 100/1000 film? As for print film
being better than slide film that's not true.  Slide film has more shadow
detail and when printed retains it's detail.

>The highest speed film I _ever_ shoot with is 200, and I _much_ prefer
>100.  This means you really need a tripod and time exposure, if you don't

When I do underwater photography 50 asa (iso) speed is very very good for
sharp detail work.  Even when I use 3200 B&W the detail is still there but
you definately have to work with it, plus alot of creationalism.

>want to use a flash. You'll get good shots of the tank, but you'll lose
>the fish.

I think that the use of flashes is considered rude when photographing
things like fish, mammals and certain other creatures.  Be sure to either
use a 45 degree flash angle to reduce backscatter and glares from the tank

>These are all just starting points.  The real secret to good photos of
>any type is lots of film and lots of practice.<g>
This is a common myth in photography ;)  The *REAL* secret to photography
and very good shots is knowing what you are doing, lighting, composition,
and most importantly shadow quality!!  There is a statement that floats
around stating that for underwater photography you get one good frame per
roll, this is only true for those who don't know there camera, don't know
what they are doing and don't know techniques.

What I would recomend for any person is to select a brand film and an iso
(I am fond of fuji sensia II asa (iso) 100 film) and learn everything
there is about that film, then add a few other types (i.e. ms100/1000 film
;) but stay away from astia! the colors are way off for u/w usage)  I
definately do not like kodak film for any type of aquatic usage.

there are several great books on photography like the photographers
handbook, several kodak manuals, papers and there web site is full of
decent info.