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Sick Clown loach

I am watching my new, 1 week old, $13 clown loach slowly die.  

This morning he was sitting very still on the bottom and moved very
sluggishly when a cory bumped into him.

I thought last night he looked a bit skinny, and maybe a bit redder around
one of his gills, but then I thought I may have been imagining it.

At the moment I have one of six dwarf gouramis building a bubble next under
a banana plant lily-type leaf.  He is very aggressive to any fish that gets
on his half of the tank and spends half the time building the nest, and the
other half hell bent on chasing fish away.  As far I know the other five
are male also.  Does anyone know how long this behaviour will go on for.  

The little clown loach looks emancipated, is sluggish, but nibbles leaves,
wood etc and swims Ok - not floating for struggling to remain upright. But
because he is so skinny (no white spots, no bulges, or swellings). 

The tank is healthy and all the other fish, gouramis, corys, loaches (2
kuhli's and 2 clown loaches) 2 CAEs are fine.  

Should I euthanise him, or see if he might recover?