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Good SA Cichlids for a planted tank?

Can anyone recommend some nice peaceful plant-friendly 
south american cichlids for a 75g planted tank?

I'm not really into Discus, plus they seem to like a GH
much lower than mine, and I refuse to screw with my
water parameters (pH 6.6, KH 3.5, GH 6)

Possible candidates:
Aequidens curviceps (Flag Cichlid)
Aequidens maronii (Keyhole Cichlid)
Apistogramma ramirezi (Ram)
Apistogramma agassizi (Agassizi's Dwarf Cichlid)
Apistogramma borelli (Borelli's Dwarf Cichlid)
Apistogramma cacatuoides (Cockatoo Dwarf Cichlid)
Cichlasoma festivum (Festive Cichlid)
and possibly Angelfish.

Hard-to-get varieties can be considered, since I've got a
great fish store in the area that imports lots of fish
straight from south america.

I'd like to have a pair or two of two varieties, if that will
work for the fish.  (ie, a pair of rams, and a pair of angels)

I also plan a good size school of some tetra, and a bunch of
cories and then some misc. algae eaters.

Chuck Gadd