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The Earth is simply a gigantic experiment and we exist by the whims of
the alien race that deposited a few cells many years ago to "see what
would happen"  They continue this ongoing experiment by occasionally
returning to "jack with" our bodies (abductions!), simply to see what
happens.  Yes, they mess with the animals to!!  All the cattle
mutilations, their just checking up on how things are going.  If these
beings will cut the genitals of cattle isn't it conceivable that they
would manufacture a blood sucking needle and attach it to the insects? 
If humans, cattle, and insects aren't safe, certainly aquatic plants
(what this list is about right?) are included in their plans to!!! 
So for the Creationists: Your God(s) are skinny gray things with no
genitals and very large eyes.  Perhaps the male aliens with the largest
eyes are the most desirable?  Do these guys have "eye envy", ask them
the next time you see your god.
For the evolutionists:  It didn't (doesn't) just happen.  If the aliens
want your future generations to have two heads, four arms, and one
leg... it will happen.  If you see the aliens don't ask them anything,
just attribute this hallucination to those bad mushrooms you had on your
pizza the previous night.  

No matter, technology has screwed up the "evolving" of the human race at
least!  How many idiots do you know that have lived long enough to
create children with bad genes?  How many people with bad DNA has
science kept alive long enough to allow them to procreate?  Both
scenarios allow the passing on of bad genes which do nothing for the
"beneficial" evolution of the human race.  Our weakening species can
even go so far as destroy our environment and  wipe out animals more
"evolved" for their way of life than we are.  I say this because not
many animal species feel the need to manufacture industrial plants which
belch out toxic chemicals so as to make their life easier, while at the
same time destroying their hope of a future existence.  All for the sake
of our "single serving", "through away", "get there fast" society we
destroy the future of our own "lower" species and all those that are
forced to live with us.  Think about it!  If there are humans who take
advantage of a part time store person (APD #1282), who is only part time
because corporate america doesn't want to pay insurance or other
benefits, we suck and there is not much hope for us!  Yea, I know the
message didn't state they were part time, but who cares!!  Perhaps the
aliens will soon realize that this whole thing has gone awry and they
will come back in large numbers to wipe us out!  I hope they do better
next time...

Sakes people!! Watch the X-files!! The truth is out there!

See folks, there is no point in arguing this.  Everyone has an opinion
and everyone is right in their own mind.

Now, who wants to help me with this freaking dark algae that my Anubias
can never outgrow!!

These ramblings are from the demented mind of a person who's smart
enough to realize that it really doesn't matter how he got here.  I'm
here so I have to DEAL WITH IT!   Thank you for your time.

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