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Re: Nitrate addition?

on 09:03 PM 9/16/99 , Matthew Shaffer wrote:

 >I have tested the water, and it shows no nitrate (Aqua Pharm test kit).  I
 >am debating adding nitrate to shift the system to phosphate limited, and
 >wanted your input (I have sodium nitrate in granular form).  My fears are as
 >- -Will the initial high phosphate AND high nitrate state cause a bloom of

I don't think so. When my tank was N-limited and high in phosphate, I had 
every algae imaginable. I've been adding KNO3 over the last month or so, 
and the algae has only decreased. I haven't seen any type of algae increase 
at any time. (They aren't all gone, but it's much better than it was.)

 >- -I use Seachem's Discus Buffer and Neutral Regulator to stabilize the pH
 >(6.6-6.8).  These are phosphate based buffers, so will the pH be in danger
 >of rapid swings as the plants and algae consume phosphates?  I have tried
 >the combination of Seachem's non phosphate Acid Buffer and Alkaline Buffer,
 >but have not found these to be as stable as the ones I am using now.

I don't think you're ever going to reach a phosphate-limited condition when 
you're adding phosphates, but adding nitrates might compensate. It sure 
helps with my phosphate-heavy tap water.

On an unrelated topic, can we PLEASE stop the Evolution vs. Creation 
debate? I just read three digests in a row, and it's the major topic. 
Lately every single post begins with "I don't want to continue this, 
but..." or "This is the last I'll say on the topic..." but they keep on coming.

I have a very strong opinion on this topic. Since this is an aquatic plant 
list, nobody here will be hearing it.

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