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Re: Yippie or Taking unfair advantage of a situation

Morgan Gerek thought to gloat over a "steal" he discovered at his LFS...

> At my LFS today, I found a
> tank with 6 Java Ferns, medium sized, and in excellent shape. When I
> innocently asked a worker what these lovely plants were (big grin), he
> responded with "Corkscrew Val, they're $3.99 for 6". Needless to say,
> yet another killer score!

That's not fair - either to the clerk, to the store, or ultimately to you
and the other customers. The retailer probably paid more money for the Java
Ferns than you were charged for them, and you KNEW that the clerk had made
an honest mistake. The retailer lost money on the deal and if this happens a
lot, he/she will either have to raise prices generally or go out of
business. Bargains ARE great to find, but it isn't really kosher to take
advantage of another person's ignorance (read that as "lack of knowledge"),
nor is it displaying much common sense in having the gall to brag about it

Shame on you!

James Purchase