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Introductions are a very, very bad idea

Dwight wrote:

>2.      I placed native Val (that's NATIVE so don't freak!) about 5O meters 
>and it grows like gangbusters! It grows to its normal 30cm in length.

That is STILL something worth "freaking" about, and a very, very bad idea.
Just because it's a native Val, doesn't mean it is native to thaqt body of
water.  By your own testimony, there (were) no other Vals in this lake
before your introduction.  What if this _is_ a new, indigenous species you
discovered?  What if those Vals you introduced are stronger and more
vigorous in this environment?  What if winds from this hurricane blew plant
material from your introduction into the area where your little red Vals
live now?  This is _exactly_ the type of human behavior that leads to the
extinction of species.