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Sv: 6500k vs 10,000k

Date: Thu, 16 Sep 1999 08:35:45 -0500
From: Tom.Wood at ci_austin.tx.us
Subject: Re: 6500k vs 10,000k

Alan asked about using 10,000K metal halide versus 6500K. 

I had a 10,000K bulb over a planted tank then switched to a 6500K.  The
plants did MUCH better under the 6500K.  The 10,000K bulb replicates the
light found under several meters of sea water which is much more blue than
that of the typical freshwater aquatic plant habitat.  To the plants, the
effect must be that of a heavy flood - a condition they can survive in
temporarily, but not one that they are built to thrive in.  IMHO


I guess this just proves that K degrees, being an average, doesn´t say much about the light quality. Like if you have a bulb giving 50% sunset (3100 K) and 50% clear blue sky ( 12000K) you have 7550 K, which should be "overcast sky", but it doesn´t look like that.
Oleole.t at larsen_dk