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Evolution/creation debate

This is the last I'll say because I am sure we are all growing tired of this 

First, it seems we are confusing evolution with adaptation.  I think we all 
agree that living organisms can and must adapt to their environments in order 
to survive.  Be it from mutations or what have you...it just happens.  
However, I chose to believe in a creator that created the heaven and the 
earth.  That fact does not make me any less intelligent than someone who does 
not believe.  In addition, if I can believe in a divine creator, then I can 
also believe that that creator would give his creations the ability to adapt 
to their environments.  

I have not seen any fact that will show that one species of animal evolved 
into another.  Now many of you will disagree but the fact is that whatever 
example you may show me, it requires an extreme amount of imagination, 
supposition and scientific guesstimation to make your argument.  

There has been a lot of discussion here regarding the differences between 
religion and science.  I argue that we are all debating the difference 
between two religions...both require faith.  Faith in God or faith in 
science.  What ever you chose is your business and I wish you luck in it.

Duane Clark