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A. madagascariensis

I have a large lace plant in my tank. I bought it two or three years ago and
the bulb was about 1 3/4" in diameter and had started to grow leaves from a
second growth point. Now, the second growth point is about 3 to 4" from the
first. The substrate around the bulb(s?) is quite compact, and I cannot feel
the actual size of it, but it must be quite large. I have a problem with the
number of leaves - one bulb would be enough, two are over-powering my 60 gal
tank. Question: how can I sever the two bulbs (assuming they are still
attached) without destroying both of them in the process? I once lost a nice
A. boivianus (sp?) as a result of a slight damage to the bulb.

Michael Eckardt