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evolution mess

This is a plant group, can we at least try to keep it on the subject of
plants. Now lots of people have mentioned eye development and the like. Any
yes these don't show up in the fossil record. Humm, fossil RECORD? Now
plants on the other hand do tend to show up quite well. So if someone could
explain where all these flowering plants and coniferous plants came from
"all of a sudden" I would like to know. There are plants now with elaborate
flowers and plants with simple flowers, like grasses. And no one can argue
that flowering plants are the most abundant type of higher plant on the
planet. But at one time the ferns and mosses were top Hyena or whatever.
And for those who don't know, flowering plants are not just "fancy" ferns.
So if we all have to drown in an evolution debate can we at least keep it
centered around plants if not the aquatic plants we all claim to love
{except L.aquatica I hate that weed :)}

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