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Re: Evolution vs Creation

I make it a point not argue religion. There are to many very deep seeded
points that cannot be argued when both parties are not willing to listen,
but Shannon wrote something that really has evoked a response from me.  You
may not agree and God bless you if you don't, but if Shannon was relay up on
the Bible, then Shannon would know God is and has always been present.
There was never a beginning for God.  He is a vengeful, righteous, and
forgiving, being capable of saving and or discipline his creation.  He gave
us the independence to do as we please, but in the end we will have to
answer to him for our lives.

	That is all I have to say in response to Shannon's letter.  I hope
you will come to accept the Bible for what it stands for and not what those
that are out of the church would like you to believe it stands for.  If your
are curious about arguing creation ask a priest or preacher what they think.
Then you will  have an experts opinion that relay knows the Bible, and not
one from some one who hasn't any clue.