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Re: Evolutionary Creation, or Creative Evolution?

The synthesis of the two poles in this debate, on the surface anyway, may be
that evolution is the vehicle of creation.  As a designer myself, I have to
acknowledge the genius of design at work in the universe.  Design implies
intent, and intent implies Mind at work.  Equate Mind with God (if you
wish), working over a period of 11 billion years, and this debate goes away.
Unless.......Unless the real debate is over bible fallibility.  At which
point it becomes a religious discussion (debate, by definition, isn't
possible) with no resolution.  Science proposes hypotheses, which are
revised as new evidence is uncovered, to explain the natural world around
us.  Religion reaches a conclusion and then sets about ways to prove it.
The two are incompatible.....it's time to collect the knives.