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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1278

> >It would appear then that Hovanecs studies do suggest that the "Cycle"
> >product is effective to some degree, and at the least isnt such a cut and
> >dry issue as some would so quickly suggest.
> Although some commercially available products may be effective (to some
> degree), it's hard to imagine them being cost effective compared to gravel
> or water from an established tank. If you can get a cup or two of gravel
> from an established tank to use as filter media in your new tank you'll be
> far ahead.
> YMMV, IMO, etc.
> Shannon

Shannon I agree with you completely.  Personally I will never use the stuff,
although I did use it once.  The very fact that the instructions tell you to add
it with every water change, suggest a major cash grab.  I just think Robert H and
myself were trying to point out that there is still a lot of research that can be
done on the matter.  Hovanec's literature seems to get misquoted by both sides of
the debate at times.
I've done it a couple of times myself when I have not had his papers sitting in
front of me.  I think the whole purpose of these products is to help eliminate
stress on fish (especially for beginners), but with the very good instructions on
fishless cycling, there should really be no need to subject fish to a full cycle
anyway.  I'll know I have found a good fish store when instead of trying to sell
me Cycle they try to sell me a little bottle of ammonia, instructions on fishless
cycling, and some established filter media (or gravel, plants...etc).

Alec Dale
Dept. Biol. Sci.
Univ. of Windsor
Windsor, ON