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bleach vs bga

bleach does indeed kill BGA  but so does cooking the algae to 
death...sterilizing my gravel substrate with heat kills absolutely EVERYTHING 
in it.  I have found that placing the rocks and gravel in old baking pans and 
heating them up to a full boil on the gas bbq will take out anything that may 
or may not think it is alive. Of course the plastic pirate ship and the 
bubbling diver dont do well and i have NOT tried to pour boiling water in my 
tanks, somehow i just dont think that the glass would take it (minor 
drawbacks in my system).   One advantage of this is no bleach to  neutralize 
later.  So far the wife has been extemely narrow minded about this procedure 
and has not allowed the use of the oven for it... but hey.... maybe she will 
mellow out about it ... (about the time when the creationists and the 
evolutionists can agree on what really happened!!)

Steve Collins