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Lighting and that mysterious gray film


> I have been studying lighting a lot and my studies are done.
> So far, just about no one has said they were interested.   Should I just
> ditch the idea?   Or have I misread the interest?    Please let me know
> what you think.

About the lighting:
1.  Price is terrific if it's for PowerCompacts - you never said, but 55w 
is a typical 24" PC wattage.
2.  Most of us don't need to make this kind of purchase very often, meaning 
you'd most likely have a slow return on your investment.  250 2-lamp units 
is a LOT of units.

By the way, I was visiting a LFS this afternoon (Albany Aquarium talking 
with Guy when you called him - small world).  I noticed that one the many 
planted tanks has a light-gray film floating on the surface similar to what 
you described a few weeks ago.  I asked the knowledgable owner about this 
and he said it's likely a combination of algae and dust, but it didn't 
matter because it's easily removed.  How?  Turn off your water circulation 
and float a piece of newsprint on the surface.  When you remove it the gray 
film comes with!

michael rubin
michael at rubinworld_com