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Creation vs evolution

""Gee, we haven't had a nice little flame fest for a while so let's try to
spark this one up, eh Gerry?

I figure evolution goes a long way past "theory" or "hypothesis" and
gets full status as a "postulate". Some would even grant it the status
of "scientific law". Creationism doesn't rank as even "wild conjecture"
when measured by scientific criteria.

Steve Pushak                              Vancouver, BC, CANADA ""

But Steve you have that backwards my friend. Evolution is is just a
philosophy, not even close to science. Well maybe bad science. An
intelligent person like yourself should want facts, not a philosophy that
is unproven after over 100 years with thousands tring desperately to make
it fact. 

Mutation yes, we see it all the time , but one species producing a new
species of a different kind? Not since shortly after God created the world
have we seen a new kind of animal. ( New types of dogs are still dogs, by
the way)

On another subject, when will you be getting a chance to come down. Hope
the move went well. Clarks has had some barclaya for sale. Not sure it is
really Barclaya. The leaves look close to the pictures, but it has a large
rhizome not a small one. It actually looks more like an Aponogeton bulb
than a rhizome. I picked up 2 of them in case you want one after you look
at it. 

Best Wishes,