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re: Blue-green algae

Wed, 15 Sep Ed Street writes:

>>>>ugh! please not the evil dreaded bleach thread again.  Blue Green
algae is not algae but actually a bacteria, cynobacteria to be specific
;) <<<<<

If you're going to "educate" us on blue green algae, at least spell its
synonym properly. 


>>>>Treatment can include anti-bacteria (possibly with some ill effects
however cynobacteria exist everywhere as it's one of the bacteria
assumingly responsible for the current atmosphere we have on earth.

Vague statements like these mean a little more than nothing. Assumingly
resonsible for the current atmosphere we have on Earth...how does this
apply to real life?

>>>>>If nutrients are present for cyno growth then treating cyno with
medications will just regrow, i.e. treat the CAUSE *NOT* the

Sometimes the stuff is impossible to get rid of regardless of excellent
water conditions. This is why Erythromycin is sometimes used as a last
resort. Even the most experienced aquatic gardeners resort to it at
times when nothing else works. In many cases, the growth never returns.

Your statement against certain remedies assumes and suggests that those
who use bleach or antibiotics are ignorant. A few of us know about
treating the cause, and are experienced enough to know when we feel the
need to resort to other methods. 

And I love the Sears and Conlin paper, but it isn't going to solve
every scenario. These tanks are diverse and unique. Generalizations
don't apply sometimes. 

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