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6500k vs 10,000k

Hi. I have been reading the APD for over a year and have responded
individually to letters, but this is my first request for advice.  I
have decided to convert my 60 gallon planted tank from a closed-top
fluorescent system to an open-top metal halide pendant system.  Up till
now I have used four timers on four bulbs to simulate dawn and dusk.  I
really enjoy this as my tank is in my living room and the gradually
decreasing light intensity promotes a relaxing invironment in the
evening.  Now for my delima.  I want to buy the Coralife Solar System
Pendant Light which offers a ramp feature for up to two hours of
automatic brightening and dimming.  The problem is that the only bulb
made for this light (so far) is a 10,000k bulb.  The specialist at
Coralife felt that their 6500k bulb was a much better color for plants.
My question is how much of a differance is there between the two and
will I regret going with the 10,000k?

Thank you in advance for your responses,

Alan4ever at worldnet_att.net
Alan Kaufmann, Psych Tech
Napa, California..................
Where grapes are grown......
.....................................and nuts are stored.