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I have been studying lighting a lot and my studies are done.

I can make "plain vanilla" utility fixtures for temporary use prior to
latter incorporation in a decorative hood (supplied by you) for a pretty
reasonable price ($60 for 55 watt, $100 for 110 watt).    The bad news is
that I have to commit to making 500x55w to acheive this price.   That's 25
large as the crooks say.

Each 55 watt tube would be in a reflective shell about 23" long and 4-5"
wide (3" high).   The units would be all assembled and wired and tested and
ready to plug in.

So far, just about no one has said they were interested.   Should I just
ditch the idea?   Or have I misread the interest?    Please let me know
what you think.   
Dave Gomberg, San Francisco            mailto:gomberg at wcf_com
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