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C. "pulcherrima"

>Reading Karen Randall's Sept. column in Aquarium Frontiers, I started 
>wondering about our "purple" cabomba, which wasn't mentioned. It's listed by 
>the seller as:
>Cabomba, Purple (Cabomba sp. "Pulcherrema")
>The slight purplish cast and darker green are most evident when seen next to 
>our C. caroliniana. Is it a true species, or a subspecies?

As far as I know, C. "pulcherrima" is a variety of C. caroliniana.  I don't
think it has even been granted subspecies status. (which, of course,
doesn't mean it doesn't deserve it... only that it was last classified by a
:lumper" rather than a "splitter"<g>)