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Re: Nuking Blue-green algae


ugh! please not the evil dreaded bleach thread again.  Blue Green algae is
not algae but actually a bacteria, cynobacteria to be specific ;)
Treatment can include anti-bacteria (possibly with some ill effects
however cynobacteria exist everywhere as it's one of the bacteria
assumingly responsible for the current atmosphere we have on earth. 

If nutrients are present for cyno growth then treating cyno with
medications will just regrow, i.e. treat the CAUSE *NOT* the symptoms.  I
would strongly suggest reading the sears-colin paper on control of algae


>From: Scott Slezak <saslezak at theory_uchicago.edu>
>Subject: Nuking Blue-green algae
>I will soon be moving, and I am in the process of cleaning out my tanks.
>My planted 55 has been emptied, but has the remains of a blue-green algae
>infestation in it.  I was going to bleach it, but I noticed on the Krib
>that bleach is the preferred weapon against red algae, and won't
>necessarily work well against blue-green.  I've used erythromicin in the
>past, and but the BGA has always come back (besides, its already
>Is bleaching the tank worth doing?  Any other suggestions?