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Old CDs

At 03:48 PM 9/10/1999 -0400, 
>Now I know of a company that is disposing obsolete CD's (real ones, not CDRs
>or gold discs), and are willing to send some for reflector usage. 
>To give you an idea, 32 CD's including P&P is US$21. 
>The P&P was calculated as standard mail, anywhere outside Europe.

Hey, I have a ton of old CDs (silver) and will sell them for $.50 each
including postage in the US.  But you should still use silverlux from 3m.
On an only slightly related subject, I am trying to build a list of
 stores that carry at least a GOOD selection of aquarium plants 
and related products.  I need name, address and phone.  Please 
send your favorites to me and I will publish the list to the 
contributors.  If you have no good ones locally, if you have dealt 
with one of the national plant vendors and would recommend them, 
please tell me that too.