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CO2, Kh?, pH? I'm confused! Plus DIY light canopy, it's easy.

There are a lot of postings that try and explain the relationship of CO2,
pH, and Kh.  All of them without exception are hard to follow.  I know I am
a dumbie:-) but could someone please put it in very simple terms, please try
not to write it like a thesis, but rather in very simple terms.

I would like to know, without being to confused how I can look at the pH #,
then turn to the Kh# and decide if the CO2 # is correct.  I really, really
don't get it.  I'm sorry, but I must know.  Krandall wrote how to know if
the tank is saturated or not.  I would really like to understand this also.
As things stand, I have a 20 gl, that bubble one every second.  My pH is a
constant 6.8 and my Kh is 2 or 3.  I wait until my fish go to the top
sucking air before cutting back.  I know this is the wrong way of doing it,
but I am learning from the experts on the list.  My hats off to you folks,
you really have it nailed down, but tend to forget that some of use never
had college chemistry.  If some one could put things in "layman's" terms
that would gratefully appreciated.

As far as the DIY light canopy Bob I have a real nice one that rivals
anything you could buy from the fish store, just e-mail me off line and I
will send you the lay out.  It is real easy and safe to do on your own, and
can be done for less than $30.00 plus lights.  I think I spent more on
lights than I did on my DIY light canopy.  I do have a gift when it comes to
working with my hands, but I'll be dog-gone if this CO2 thing hasn't got me

Thanks again Dave