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Re: Reefs/Kansas

We are getting WAY off topic here, but I've seen evolution. Just dose a
tank with a weak antibiotic and see how long it takes for the bacteria to
evolve and become resistant to it. That happened in one of mine a few
years ago, the cyber algae became resistant to kanamycin because I used it

>But if you live in Kansas, evolution is only a theory now and is taught
>along with Biblical Creationism so perhaps I'm wrong to say this since
>world is only 6000 thousand years old and Adam and Eve are the master
>from which the rest of us came from<g>. Yeah, right. Let me finish
>that tall can of stupid (burp!).

I think someone replaced your can of stupid with a can of misinformed.

Evolution always has been, 'only a theory', hasn't it? Isn't that the
grounds that the creationists used to have it removed? They claim that we
shouldn't be teaching a theory as if it's a fact.

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