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RE: Light for My New 40 G Tank

 On Sun, 12 Sep 1999 20:26:32 -0700 (PDT) Kean Huat wrote,

I guess I have to make myself a DIY light hood/enclosure for the tank.
But I have no idea about electrical stuff which is my major
concern--fire hazard. If you guys know any very easy DIY light projects
for someone like me, please let me know.

I saw GE's "Sho & Glo" 24 " L 33 Watt Light for about 8 bucks after
rebate. It specified that this light specially made for plants. I guess
that it has a wide spectrum and will work for aquatic plants too. It's
just plug in and no need extra wiring and other stuff. I'm thinking of
getting 3 of these and stick them to a self made enclosure. The
disadvantage about this is I have to replace the whole unit when the
light is out. Have you guys used this before? Do you think using 3 of
them is a good idea?

Basically, I can't find any 36" fixture for my tank. I guess I have to
go with 24" fixture and light tubes. 

Please help me out here. I'm kind of stuck and don't know what to do

Thanks in advance,
Kean Huat

I've tried these lights and was not overly impressed with them.  The light
may grow plants OK, but they make everything look terrible.  I think the CRI
is somewhere around 30.  The ballasts are built into the mounting bracket
somehow and it runs very hot. Also, they incorporate thermal fuses,  which
blow if the ballast gets to hot and it takes some major surgery to
replace/eliminate them.

You might want to look at the rebate a little closer.  The rebate for the
ones I bought had expired about 6 months earlier.

Bob Ashcraft