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Re: CO2 question

> From: "Jeff Taylor" <taylorj at softdisk_com>
> Subject: CO2 Question
>     My question:  If the amount of CO2 that is saturated in
> the tank is determined by the KH and the pH,

	I suspect that there is a misunderstanding here.
The CO2 concentration in the water will depend on the CO2 system,
if any, and the fish and plants in the water.  An equibrium will
be set up.  The KH and pH are irrelevant to this.  The CO2 concentration,
in conjunction with the KH, will then set the pH.  You cannot _control_
the CO2 concentration by fiddling with the KH and pH.  If you set the
KH and then adjust the pH by adding acid or base, you change the KH as
well.  The equilibrium CO2 concentration will still be set as above.

> am I to assume
> that excess CO2 precipitates out of solution and bubbles
> away?  If it does, can you "overdose" the tank with CO2?

	Yes, it is possible to overdose the tank.

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada