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Re: Nitrogen bacteria

On Mon, 13 Sep 1999, Ed Street wrote:
> This weekend I was informed that there was some recent info that stated
> that Nitrosomonas werneri and Nitrobacter weinogradskyi are NOT
> the bacteria used in the nitrogen cycle.  Does anyone care to elaborate on
> this info?

There are several general of bacteria that do the same job as Nitrosomonas
and Nitrobacter.  I don't know how the hobby ever got fixed on those two

I don't know if this is the recent work you're talking about, but Tim
Hovanec (recently w/Marineland) published some research several years ago
where he tried to identify the nitrifying and nitratifying bacteria in
fresh- and saltwater aquaria.  I think there's at least one article on the
web somewhere.

Roger Miller