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Re: RO extraction

On Mon, 13 Sep 1999, Kevin Zippel wrote:
> "But, unfortunately, the standard R.O. membrane will not remove some
> nuisance chemicals like phosphate, nitrate & silicates.  ....  For this
> reason, you would need to use one of the R.O. units with a final stage
> deionization (DI) cartridge like the Maxxima series.  The DI resin will
> remove any phophate, etc., that passes through the R.O. membrane."
> Is this just BS to sell another product?  Kevin

I think that's BS.  For two reasons.  First, a normal RO membrane *does*
remove phosphates, nitrates and silicates.  Second, silica in solution
usually carries no electrical charge, so a DI resin won't touch it.

Roger Miller