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Re: RO extraction

Bob, Here I quote from the Pet Warehouse catalog (admittedly not the
best source of accurate information):

"But, unfortunately, the standard R.O. membrane will not remove some
nuisance chemicals like phosphate, nitrate & silicates.  ....  For this
reason, you would need to use one of the R.O. units with a final stage
deionization (DI) cartridge like the Maxxima series.  The DI resin will
remove any phophate, etc., that passes through the R.O. membrane."

Is this just BS to sell another product?  Kevin

>Well, actually, Kevin, an RO unit should remove phosphates, silicates,
>carbonates, and any other "ates" in your water.  Someone has informed
>wrongly.  As for the carbon pre-filter, I don't know.  I quit using
carbon in
>my box filters years ago, because the stuff that was available then
>actually add phosphates to my water.

>Bob Dixon
>Cichlid Trader List Administrator.
>> I have a question about what RO filters remove.  I had heard that
>> just
>>  about everything (up to 99%) but can't get phosphates, nitrates, and

>> silicates.
>>  One would need a DI unit to extract these.  I tested my tap and RO
>>  phosphates and nitrates (I don't worry about silicates) and found 0
>> in
>>  both, high levels of phosphate in the tap, but none in the RO.  How
is this
>>  possible?  Can the carbon pre-filter remove phosphate?  Thanks,

Kevin Zippel
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