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CO2 Usage Poll

So far I recieved 5 responses to the questionnaire on CO2 usage; 3
responses contained CO2 usage data, so based on a very limited amount of

- CO2 Usage Rate (Lbs CO2 added per month  per 100 Gallons): 0.8 to 2.7
Lb; Avg. = 1.8
- CO2 concentration (estimated from PH & Kh):  5 to 19 PPM;  Avg = 12
- Users regulate CO2 addition either by a two stage regulator or by a
one stage regulator followed by a needle valve, obtaining satsifactory
to excellent control.  Two users indicated control with a single stage
regulator alone was unsatisfactory.

The info is entered on a  Excel spreadsheet, which I would be happy to
share later.

I would very much appreciate any further responses.

In the interest of furthering the art, I would be interested in hearing
what other people with CO2 cylinders are doing:
I put together the questionnaire below - hope nobody minds.   Maybe some

rules of thumb can be worked out if enough data is obtained: (Metric
Units are OK).

Size Tank (Gallons):
Tank Dimensions:  Length x Height xWidth
CO2 Consumption Rate:   (estimated Lbs/Month)

Regulator Manufacturer/Type:
No. Stages
Needle Valve (if any)
Solenoid Valve (if any)
On a scale of 1 to 5, how accurately do you feel your  rig regulates CO2

addition? 1=poor, 3 = satisfactory, 5= lab grade

Water Temperature:
Tank Ph:
Tank Kh
If you measure CO2 concentration directly, please indicate

Reactor/Air Stone/Other?

Water surface agitated by outside filters, biowheels, air stones  or
other ?

On a scale of 1(no effect) to 5 (wow), how would you describe the effect

on CO2 injection on your plant growth:

Other Pertinent Facts:

Note:  The tank dimensions are to be used to calculate the water surface

area.  The interest in surface agitation follows a pet hunch of mine
that agitation displaces CO2 out of the water faster.