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Re: snails and cycling


For the nitrogen cycle practically any living organism that produces
ammonia type waste products would work.  For the cycling of non-nitrogen
(i.e. algaes) snails would work extremely well.  In the saltwater
enviroment it is suggested a long cycle of about 6 months is adequate for
reef tanks (tho it can be alot quicker)  Personally I would rather take
the long slow process of letting the tank stabilize out with algaes before
adding anything else to the tank this way you can be assured that the
helpfull algaes and bacteria has gained a foothold on the upperside of
things and less chances of adding stuff to the tank would result in


>All of this talk about cycling has got me wondering if it is possible to
>cycle a tank with snails.  I have read about cycling without fish, using
>an amonia additive found in pet stores, but I also read this wasn't an
>efficient method.  Would snails produce enough ammonia to start the
>bacteria colony?
>Thanks in advance,
>from sunny British Columbia