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Re-mineralizing RO water


I'm going to fill my new plant tank using RO water, supplemented with
"Kent RO Right".
Because there is so much Phosphorus in my tapwater (this city's attempt
at stymieing lead solubility in old pipes), I believe this is the most
desirable solution to avoiding a massive algal outbreak. Does this sound
like a good idea? I know it will be hell carrying all those gallons of
RO water up the stairs, but if it works out, it will be worth it.

On a lucky note, today I noticed a nice surprise at my LFS. Intermixed
with a large batch of regular neon tetras were a good number of
brilliant green neons (Paracheirodon Simulans) !!! They were
unmistakably the real thing, and the price on the tank was only $0.89
each! Score!