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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1270

> I looked up acetylene regulators in a Victor product catalog, and all of 
>  had a maximum inlet pressure of 3000 psi (you would expect about 800 psi 
>  since the tank-side guage only goes to 400).  I guess they use the same 
>  castings for all the regulators and just change the springs, guages, and 
>  fittings.

I just looked at a new Victor acetylene regulator that I bought a few months 
ago (for welding) and it sez "MAX INLET 350 PSIG".  So make sure you know 
what the rating is on any fuel gas regulator you may try to adapt to CO2.  
The catalog I looked in was 15 years old.  I guess the don't make 'em like 
they used to. . .