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FW Reefs/Kansas

MTS snails do a good job moving the substrate around like polychetes and
other worms. There are other critters that work in FW, fish tend to eat some
of them and some are parasites! Flat worms, many small arthropods, mollusk,
even a few FW sponges and jellies. The ecology of a reef and a planted tank
is quite different though. We are creating something that doesn't coexist in
nature(most of us or the time, anyway) were many times there are Reef's that
do coexist with all the critters in one area. Diversity isn't found as much
in FW like Reef's. Reef's have had much more time to evolve than FW systems.
But if you live in Kansas, evolution is only a theory now and is taught
along with Biblical Creationism so perhaps I'm wrong to say this since the
world is only 6000 thousand years old and Adam and Eve are the master race
from which the rest of us came from<g>. Yeah, right. Let me finish drinking
that tall can of stupid (burp!). 
Tom Barr