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KH, CO2 ...yet again

>> Does this mean that if the pH drops
>> about .4 with the addition of CO2
>> the concentration of CO2 will always
>> about 15 mg/liter regardless of the
>> initial kH/pH?

> No, it means that the "addition of
CO2" resulted in the CO2
>concentration increasing by a factor of
10^0.4 from what it was before.
>That is, a factor of about 2.5.

Sorry to bother you again but, I thought
that the CO2 concentrations in the tank
without CO2 injection were always in
equilibrium with atmosphere namely about
3 ppm. I suppose the fish add a certain
amount of CO2 but I do not think it
would be any more than the plants
consume. Certainly the pH of my tank
water is not appreciably different than
my tap water.  If this is so does this
mean that in most tanks a pH drop of .4
will produce a CO2 concentration of
about 8 ppm.

Wayne Jones

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