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Re: What is the best liquid fertilizer !!??!!

The rate that Fe is lost from aquarium water depends upon several
1) the amount of plants and their growth rates (dictated by the supply
of other growth regulating factors
2) the chelating agent used with the iron supplement; EDTA+DTPA are very
strong chelating agents but an equivalent concentration of iron may be
LESS available to the plants if it is strongly chelated
3) the presence of natural organic chelating agents, such as humic

If you have peat in the aquarium, its entirely possible that you would
never ever need to add chelated iron to the water because the steady
state concentration of iron bonded with humic acids will be quite high.

I'm not suggesting that everyone add peat because it changes a lot of
other factors and if you are relying on CO2 and hardness test kits, its
going to complicate things. Of course, you can still grow plants without
using test kits if you choose to; its a different approach.

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