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Re: Holey Aponogeoton, Batman

Bob Dixon observed holes in Aponogeton leaves after a couple of weeks.

Bob, have you tried increasing the potassium dosage to see if this
improves the vigor of these leaves? It sounds like you have a shortage
of one of the mobile nutrients. Since it sounds like conditions are
pretty good for growth, it could be that the potassium is getting all
used up. One nutrient or factor will always act to limit growth and with
strong light, trace nutrient and CO2 fertilization, you can bet it will
be one of the macro nutrients. With a reasonable fish load, you can bet
there will be plenty of P to go around so look to one of K, Mg and Ca to
run out.

As for Plecos eating plants, my limited experience is that they prefer
to eat sword plant leaves which are probably the indigenous plant in
their native biotope. Interestingly, they don't seem equally interested
in all Echinodorus species. I have some kind of miniature melon sword
with two Plecos and they don't seem at all interested in it.

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