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Finishing a Stand & Canopy.

Sorry about the lack of info on the wood to be used. This stand is just an 
inexpensive pine wood. I am leaning to a transparent stain called Ebony (by 
Sherwin Williams) to me it looks like a dark charcoal. The sample shows some 
of the grain color showing thru the stain. The color goes from Black to a 
dark tan. I figure the harder grain is going to show thru most and will be 
the dark tan. I have been recommended by one off digest e-mail to use Spar 
Urethane for a durable finish. Your post leads me to believe that it should 
not be used on the inside, Why? I will be (probably) using VHO lights for the 
canopy. Will epoxy finish last better  with VHOs?

 The 2 part epoxy you describe sounds quite toxic. Maybe not to the fish 
after it dries but what about me, while I am painting.  Did you inhale? or 
have someone else apply? Have you had good luck with this epoxy. And how was 
it to apply. Which brand name have you used? Did you use a stain undernreath 

Also wanted to mention, a friend of mine saided that old CDs make great 
reflectors for aquarium hoods. Have you ever heard of using them for that 

RAY           <'III><