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Re: Jan Bastmeijer visits U.S.

Jan Bastmeijer will be at the Tropical Fish Weekend Extravaganza '99,
sponsored by the North Jersey Aquarium Society, in Newark (actually
Parsippany) N.J.  He has come to the US for other reasons, but he wanted to
meet some aquatic plant people, and it turned out that Neil Frank will be
at the extravaganza giving a talk Saturday.  Neil Frank and I got it
arranged for a room to be available for Jan and other plant people Sunday
morning (exact time not known yet).  Jan says he can give a talk on his
recent collecting trip to the Philippines, W. Malaysia and Singapore.  I
figure we can have the room for several hours to talk about plants, show
slides, and get aquainted.

To find out more about the Extravaganza, go to:


To see what Jan Bastmeijer does, go to:


Paul Krombholz, central Mississippi, enjoying dry, clear, cool Canadian