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Starting filter media

Hello all...

Does anyone have a proven suggestion for the proper filter media when
starting up a new planted tank? I have an Eheim 2322 Thermofilter. I was
thinking of using activated carbon in one of the media compartments
initially (per Amano), later to be integrated/replaced with Ephisubtrat.
Ephimech in the other compartment from the start, along with the default
foam pads. My question is, could I just skip the activated carbon, and
use the Ephisubstrat, Ephimech and foam pads right away? I plan on
planting heavily right away, and adding a few Ottos and Yamatos
concurrently. I've got excellent lighting, Flourite substrate, high
pressure CO2, and a small Rio powerhead near the bottom for current.
Thanks for any and all pertinent suggestions.

Morgan Gerk
Milwaukee, WI