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Reflectors offered

Hello all, earlier this year I wrote :

>I have to say this is not my idea, it was an investigation of the Dutch
>Aquarium Society. They found out that the best DIY reflectors were the back
>of CD's (!). (just old or damaged ones) They have the best and most powerful
>reflection (even better than mirrors), are the lightest, easy to work with
>and are waterproof, they don't oxidize in any way. Only problem is you got 
>to ask everyone you know to gather enough old CD's. 

Several people contacted me off-list asking where they could get cheap CD's
or if I could get them CD's.

Now I know of a company that is disposing obsolete CD's (real ones, not CDRs
or gold discs), and are willing to send some for reflector usage. 
To give you an idea, 32 CD's including P&P is US$21. 
The P&P was calculated as standard mail, anywhere outside Europe.
Payment by Mastercard would be preferred.

If you're interested please contact me off list. Don't wait too long, it's
a one time offer, they will be disposed. Note that I'm not profiting from 
this, just wanted to share this now I got mine.