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Re:Stored water

Hello all,

I could use some advise.  Recently we have been discusing storage water and 
its' benefits.  I use a 30 gallon trash container that I use to store D.I. 
water for my various tanks.  Recently, I made some water for my 100 gallon 
reef tank (Yes...I know this is a plant list!)  When I added the water to 
the tank however, all my corals went nuts, closed up, shed slime coats, etc. 
  It has been an awful mess.  My protein skimmer was my only clue to the 
problem...it was foaming like crazy!!!
My water must have been contaminated by something.  The fish, however, are 
totally unaffected.  Just the corals have gone nuts.

Now...my question.  I rinsed the 30 gallon trash container out thoroughly.  
I noticed no foaming or odd smells while I was cleaning it.  I then filled 
it with water and let it sit outside overnight full of water.  For those of 
you who live in San Francisco, this was wednesday night.  (For those of you 
who are not from S.F, we had an incredible storm)  So, the bucket water was 
turned over a few times by the rain.  Do you think this bucket would be 
alright to use again to hold my storage water?  I think it should be fine, 
but because I have no idea what got into the bucket to containminate it, 
then I can't say for sure that it is gone.  My only guess is that it could 
have been either laundry detergent, or bleach, or fabric softener.  I store 
the water near the washer/dryer.  Please give me your opinions

Mike Laflamme
spicolte at hotmail_com

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