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Boy oh boy did I do something stupid.  I looked into the tank and BOTH of 
my angels were munching on an OTTO each!!!  I set up a tank a couple of 
days ago which was still empty and I scooped both angels and dumped them 
into the tank.

Then I remembered that the tanks would likely be at different temps from 
each other.  I hope I didn't shock them too much and I hope I didn't induce 
ick!  Also it's not a cycled tank.  Guess the cycle will start now!  This 
pair of angels will also lay eggs soon.  How will being in  15 gal uncycled 
tank effect them?  Both are adult angels.

I think I gave them as much of a shock scooping them out as they gave me, 
when I saw them snacking on the ottos.