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CO2, KH ....yet again.

 >NO.  This has come up many times.  The
_change_ in pH, for a given
>change in CO2 concentration, is the
same whatever the KH. The actual pH will
>be higher for a higher KH.

 >Double the CO2 concentration, reduce
pH by 0.3 (log(2)).
 >Double the KH, increase pH by 0.3.

 >Look at the archives or the KH/pH/CO2

Does this mean that if the pH drops
about .4 with the addition of CO2 then
the concentration of CO2 will always be
about 15 mg/liter regardless of the the
initial kH/pH?
Does it also mean that using baking soda
to prevent pH swings is pointless as the
pH fluctuation will always be the same
regardless of how much baking soda is
added? Sorry to ask such silly questions
but for some reason I have a hard time
wrapping my mind around this.

Wayne Jones

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Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada